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G8 Fitness re-launched in June 2020 with a newly finished unit in Bonagee, Letterkenny.

Our vision was to create a perfect modern, clean and spacious environment for our members.

And that's exactly what we delivered.

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A Gym like no other...

 Personal Training Facility

G8 Fitness Gym Equipment

Newly built and fitted gym facility, purpose built with personal training in mind. Get the most out of your workout under the watchful eye of an excellent coaching team.

G8 Fitness Gym Gym layout with racks and equipment

Members Area

G8 Fitness Gym Members area

Relax with your gym buddies in our members area where we brew high quality coffee and offer tea/microwave facilities.

G8 Fitness Gym Members coffee machine and kitchen

Inbody Scanner

G8 Fitness Gym Inbody Scanner

This body scanner is on another level. State of the art technology detects fat, muscle mass and is the best tool for tracking progress.

G8 Fitness Gym Inbody Scanner

Private Shower and Changing Rooms

G8 Fitness Gym Shower and Changing facilites

Shower, blow-dry, and style your the Gym?

You can at G8 Fitness! Train in the comfort that you can completely freshen up before work, college or where-ever your day takes you next.

G8 Fitness Gym Shower Facilities

Convenient Parking

G8 Fitness Gym Front of building

Convenient and secure parking right outside our facility, so you will NEVER have to hunt for a parking space. 


Individual pods


Each of our members have access to their own individual pod/ bar and equipment to complete their session. There is no safer place to train.

G8 Fitness Gym Squat Racks and Gym Floor


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